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Billionaire gets engaged to woman his own age – Waterford Whispers News


DESPITE being one of the richest men in the world, an American man has apparently become engaged to a woman of the same age, breaking years of tradition that has seen billionaires marry women half their age.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, 59, and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez, 53, got engaged this week in what is now being called a love sick peer relationship.

« I can’t imagine them in bed together, urghh, I get goosebumps, » said fellow billionaire Rupert Murdoch after hearing the news, who then turned around and had to be admitted to his own private hospital.

« He’s giving us all a bad name, » Tesla CEO Elon Musk chimed in, also disgusted.

“Choosing a 53-year-old wife at the age of 59 is like sleeping with your own mother; Jeffrey must be turning in her grave right now,” Bill Gates said.

An Amazon delivery man is understood to have thrown Ms Sanchez over the side door of Mr Bezos’ home, before the billionaire forced her to her knees so he could propose with a ring he handpicked from Walmart.