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Government would not have agreed to revision of abortion law if it meant making changes – Waterford Whispers News


THE GOVERNMENT has confirmed that it will stall while kicking the can down the road when it comes to implementing the recommendations of a report that would reduce the delays and barriers that currently prevent access to abortion care.

« You just think you voted for free, safe, legal abortions, but silly you didn’t, you voted knowing that we would institute a review after three years and then try to ignore the recommendations because we have gelatin spines, » a spokesperson offered. coalition.

“Easy, I just didn’t read them,” the cabinet confirmed when asked how it could ignore 30 operational recommendations and as many as 10 recommended laws in lawyer Dr. Marie O’Shea’s report on abortion provision in Ireland.

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly added that all voters knew by voting that eight of the countries’ 19 maternity units simply would not bother to offer abortions, that nine counties would have only a few doctors offering abortion services, women would be interrupted outside hospitals. and that it would be a bit ‘OTT’ to make things better.

“Of course we will refer the report to the Oireachtas Health Committee first until we find another way to avoid having to do any of the things described in the report,” Donnelly offered.

“Sure, the report might say that some caregivers abuse their right to conscientious objection by actively obstructing or delaying a woman’s access to care by providing misleading information, but that’s definitely what everyone voted for. You hardly expect to stop this by updating the legislation.”

Meanwhile, Micheál Martin confirmed that Fianna Fáil TDs will be given a « vote of conscience » when it comes to votes in the Dáil related to abortion – a vote of conscience they never asked for when they voted to end the eviction ban and increase child homelessness in the process. .