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Read the government’s moving message to the nation’s 3,594 homeless children – Waterford Whispers News


WISHED for not forgetting the impact the housing crisis is having on young children across Ireland, the coalition government took a break from half-hearted bickering over tax cuts for middle-income people to directly address children who have been left homeless.

“First of all, we would like to apologize for not having reached our goal of 15,000 homeless people. While 12,259 is impressive and the envy of ineffective governments around the world, we will not become complacent: that goal will be reached another day.

To the 3,594 children in Ireland who have been made homeless we say we know you will be worried, but remember this is all Sinn Féin’s fault, in a way. »

The brief but beautiful gesture, in the form of a letter, could lift the spirits of children everywhere. While there have been problems delivering the letters, as homeless children move frequently and do not have a home address, those who receive them will surely be delighted to know that Leo Varakar, Micheál Martin and Eamon Ryan are thinking of them.

In case this poignant message wasn’t enough, a government spokesperson added that « Ireland is still a great place for investment funds to buy property », « we are at full employment » and « the typical salary for first-time buyers time ». of new homes is €90,000′.