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Transform self-service ITSM with private generative AI

With OpenAI ChatGPT™, Large Language Models (LLMs) got their iPhone moment. Now everyone can experience the power of LLMs and understand their usefulness in our everyday lives. The hype around LLMs is just the beginning. This technology is already transforming many industry services.
For service management, generative AI and LLMs are poised to reduce the burden on Tier 1 support agents. Finally, virtual agents, now powered by LLMs, can meet and even exceed user expectations. And organizations can create more efficient, effective, and personalized employee interactions, ultimately improving user experience and tool adoption.

Private Generative AI Virtual Agent at SMAX

We are pleased to announce the technical preview of a private, generative AI virtual agent for OpenText™ IT Service Management (ITSM). The new virtual agent, ITOM Aviator, works with a secure LLM and connects through your company’s content to deliver contextually relevant and human-like responses to user requests. Without relying on support or compromising the privacy of business data, users can get the answers they need, when they need them. This way, everyone can get back to work faster, and productivity soars as a result.

Figure 1 Questions and answers based on a contract that was executed with a customer and stored in an external system.

Aviator demonstrates connected business intelligence at work. For example, HR managers can ask Aviator about company-designated vacations for their home countries. Procurement managers can request contract details such as contract value, approval date, and associated risks. And employees can browse available models for a new laptop and quickly place their order.

Stay safe with a private LLM

Public generative AI raises data security and privacy concerns for businesses. After all, public generative AI gives you public access to your questions and answers. And are AI generative public answers correct (even if they may seem correct)? Trust in LLM is important. That is why we have made our LLM private.

Aviator, OpenText’s private generative AI virtual agent, offers:

  • Privacy & Security You have complete control over the model architecture, the training data, and the training process. OpenText hosts and operates the LLM privately, ensuring the integrity of your data and virtual agent responses.
  • Business intelligence. The virtual agent accesses business data and documents through your content management system and answers questions in real time for any business function. It can also handle large documents.
Aviator answers a question based on the latest real-time information about planned outages and changes.  Example of a user conversation with an LLM generative AI virtual private agent.
Figure 2 Aviator answers a question based on the latest real-time information about planned outages and changes
  • Access control. The virtual agent provides answers and information based on the employee’s role, location, and group membership. You can tag information and documents with rights tags. User context and data rights enforce real-time access control filtering to ensure responses are relevant and permissible.
  • ubiquitous interface. The virtual agent is available from a variety of interfaces, including the SMAX service portal, Microsoft Teams, and through a public API.

OpenAI ChatGPT Connector for Service Desk Agents

With the CE 23.3 SMAX release, the OpenAI API connector is generally available to help service desk agents troubleshoot technical issues and provide well-crafted conversational responses based on publicly available information. You can read more about this integration in the Portal for SMAX professionals.

The service desk agent uses SMAX ChatGPT, with space for Ask and Resolution in one panel.  Private LLM Generative AI Virtual Agent Help Desk Agent Usage Example.
Figure 3 Service Desk Agent uses SMAX ChatGPT, with space for Ask and Resolution in one panel

Just as AI has permeated our personal lives and ChatGPT has captured our imaginations, generative AI has a role to play in the workplace as well. You can learn more about what it takes to create a game-changing generative AI virtual agent in this Blog. OpenText’s AI generative virtual private agent can help you take your service management into the future with these benefits:

  • Secure with Private LLM – Keep confidential and intellectual property secure within your own network.
  • Reduce Costs – Reduce the burden on Tier 1 service desk agents and automate intelligent routing of Tier 2 escalations.
  • Better employee experiences: Engage employees with natural language and intelligent self-service.
  • Faster problem resolution: Intelligent contextual search provides incident resolution steps and automation fulfills requests.